Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update your history book

Al-Ahram* have disabused us of our misconceptions concerning important historical events in a series of pictures, below. Wael alerted us to the most recent important historical event, here

أخرجتنا من أوهامنا جريدة الأهرام بخصوص مفاهيم خاطئة كانت لدينا بشأن أحداث تاريخية مهمة في سلسلة من الصور ، أدناه. وائل نبهنا إلى الحدث التاريخي الأخير، هنا.

الطريق الى مصر
The road to Egypt

الطريق الى هاستنجز
The road to Hastings

الطريق الى الفضاء
The road to space

الطريق الى كأس العالم و العالم كله
The road to the world cup and the world

الطريق الى المجد
The road to glory

* Silly buggers have removed the picture now.
** Thanks to Moftases as usual for the technical assistance and translation of the big words.


Anonymous said...

paint deserted

Anonymous said...

ccc inci siker ccc

swanson22 said...

Unknown said...

LOL you rabid Baradidiots are at it again!

The tool at the Ahram was the moron behind this major gaffe! Yeah its worth a laugh or two ha-ha-ha, maybe a head will roll. But that's about it, in the end we will elect Jimmy for president and thats that!

PS I don't see the Greeks up at arm with 3 generations of papandreou at the helm.


Thales Souza said...

kkkkkkkkkkkk... Muito bom!!! O presidente Mubarak deve aparecer, qualquer dia desses, à frente do Steve Jobs num lançamento da Apple.