Monday, April 19, 2010


A member of the Banned Organization shortly after he interrupted Sorour. His family have been informed.

CAIRO: A National Democratic Party MP yesterday urged the government to intensify efforts to put an end to the Egyptian people, who he described as “standing in the way of Egypt’s progress”.

Rizel El-Zeft was speaking during a parliamentary session during which members of the Banned Organisation challenged government plans to use deceased citizens to construct a wall around ports of entry into Egypt.

NDP member Mofeed Shehab said that the wall was a first step to removing from Egypt “elements determined to unweave the weft of our society by bringing with them subversive ideas about promoting bald-headed jumped up secretaries to positions of power”.

Shehab said that this could not be allowed to continue, citing the millions of Egyptian pounds that had to be paid out during the last elections in order to ensure that Egyptians voted for the correct candidate.

A member of the Banned Organization interrupted Shehab in order to condemn the presence of baton-wielding thugs during parliamentary and local elections.

Shehab joined the member of the Banned Organization in condemning the thugs who he said are too expensive for the value they provide.

He stressed that as a business-friendly government issues of cost-saving and quality must take priority, adding that if the member of the Banned Organization continued to interrupt him he would ask NDP member and goalkeeper Ahmed Shobeir to benchmark his head.

“If we must have elections, I suggest that we use special electrified voting cards. This way, if a citizen makes the incorrect choice in the polling station he is dispensed with immediately without the need to employ excessive numbers of personnel for this purpose”.

The debate then turned to the issue of protests.

"I don't know why the Interior Ministry is so lenient with those who break the law. Instead of using water hoses to disperse them, the police ought to shoot them; they deserve it,” NDP member Hassan Nashat El-Rassaas proclaimed.

He was immediately rebuked by PA speaker Fathy Sorour.

“And I suppose you’ve sat down and done the calculations about how much the bullets would cost?” Sorour said, before shouting “STOP! HAMMER TIME” and throwing his mallet at El-Rassaas’ head.

As El-Rassaas’ lifeless body was removed from parliament Sorour said, “one down, 79,999,999 to go”.

The issue was taken up by NDP member Ahmed Ezz who said that protestors are dealt with adequately by karate death squads who beat them to death at a quarter of the expense. Ezz added that the use of this traditional method of crowd control is also better for the environment as it does not involve smoke emissions, as is the case with canons - a method of crowd control proposed by the head of the PA’s security committee.

Ezz also proposed that citizens’ bodies be buried in the foundations of constructions in the new cities in order that potential building land is not taken up by cemetries.

The Banned Organization member asked Ezz who would live in these buildings if the NDP was planning to get rid of the entire Egyptian people.

Ezz objected to the accusation with some vigour, even throwing his cushion at the Banned Organization member while condemning his “twisting of the facts”.

“Egyptians who possess two nationalities or two companies will be spared the clean-up,” Ezz explained.

After the debate members of the Banned Organization were invited to throw themselves off the October Bridge at its highest point.

Howa dah el 7al Habib El-Adly said, dusting off his hands as he walked away through Cairo’s deserted streets.


Anonymous said...

one can no longer find the lighter side in e politics even with sharp-witted sarcasm .. if anything makes me more sad..things are grim ms carr, very grim

thanks for the great article.. i only wish the shitheads would read your reports, maybe then they'd know how ridiculously stupid they are

Anonymous said...

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