Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A few 'yo mamas' would have been quicker

I just want to record here because I forget these things, and because I have nowhere to record them, that this man:

Cracked me up at a protest I covered today.

He had something against People’s Assembly chief Fathy Sorour. I mean more than the usual dislike of Fathy Sorour. It was personal, I felt. Like Fathy Sorour had introduced this man's sister to crack cocaine or something. He stood outside the metal barriers for about 40 minutes, and every time someone chanted something, he tailored it to assuage his Sorour vitriol.

الحزب الوطني هو المسئول
The National Democratic Party is responsible


الحزب الوطني و سرور هم المسئولين
The National Democratic Party AND Sorour are responsible


يا مبارك ساكت لية انت موافق ولا اية
Mubarak why are you silent, do you approve or what?


يا مبارك و يا سرور ساكتين بية ..الخ
Mubarak and Sorour, why are you silent...etc

but my favourite was this:

مصر لكل المصريين!
Egypt is for all Egyptians!

which our friend rendered

مصر لكل المصريين ما عدا سرور
Egypt is for all Egyptians except Sorour.

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