Thursday, November 08, 2007

When Sally met Hany

My attempts to persuade him to accompany me to the ma2zoun failed

Regular readers will by now be familiar with, and bored of, my mild obsession with singer Hany Adel. I was finally given a legitimate reason to be within a 5-metre radius of him yesterday evening when the editor of the local rag for which I now freelance asked me whether I would like to cover an event entitled 'Hany Adel and the Unseen Beatles' and whether it would be possible to get a quote off him afterwards. 'Yes it would be possible' I told him, but I am not sure he heard me over the tap-dancing.

I thus accosted hirsuite Hany and attempted to comport myself professionally. This proved a challenge because of his staring eyes, which are a peculiar green yellow beige colour. Also cos of his general fitness and tallness.

He was friendly and modest and happy to answer my stupid bumbling questions, God bless him. As you can see, I wore my special Ringo Starr head in honour of the night's theme.

Funnily enough, cousin Mildred met AHMED EZZ at the opening of Youssef Shaheen's new City Stars theatre last night, striking a double victory for our clan. Pictures of her salivating next to dreamy Ahmed (who is looking in another direction entirely) are now gracing every and any computer appliance which will allow her to upload a photograph. 'I'VE GOT AHMED EZZ ON MY DESKTOP' she roared at me.


Basil Epicurus said...

Why, Ringo, you've got a positive case of the vapours..:)

Who needs human rights, huh, when there are all these hot celebrities who need interviewing?

fully_polynomial said...


i've heard hany is a nice, down-to-earth guy. glad to hear it confirmed.

what is this youssef shaheen's new theater?

Forsoothsayer said...

the most startling part about this story is that u have already brought out the coat! hardly surprising though given that in London i actually thought you were a fat homeless man at first, given the layers of woolen swathing.

Wael Eskandar said...

Ringo's in good shape these days..

Scarr said...

Fully P: It's a new cinema apparently. Cousin Mildred tells me that there is the option of paying 75 le for which you get to watch your film in a theatre with only 30 seats, and that these seats are black leather recliners big enough to accommodate two people.

Complete over-priced elitest nonsense, as is to be expected of anything to do with City Stars (see: Thrust).