Saturday, October 06, 2007

On 'air

Prompted by a comment made on the previous post by dear reader Hebe, I here present to you the spooky similarities in the head coverings of three men from three ages, so that you can decide for yourself if Nero modelled his hairdo on Nour who was inspired by Friar Tuck* etc etc.

Nero, the dastardedly tyrant who fiddled while Rome burned, pictured here with his squeeze, Poppaea Sabina (R), before he knocked her up, and his mum, Agrippina (L), before he knocked her off.

Companion to Robin Hood, Triar F, about which I have very little to say indeed.

Celebrated Egyptian actor Nour el Sherif, who has enjoyed a career spanning three decades during the early part of which he sported very wide trousers and very wide sideburns, the latter of which are here obscured by his hair.

* My habit of swopping the first two letters of words produced unfortunate spam-like results here and was thus shunned on this occasion.

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