Monday, July 16, 2007

The next stage is undoubtedly ebay

MSN conversation tonight:

Mother: Daddy is back!
Amnesiac: Why the exclamation mark?
Mother: Rejoice! Rejoice!
Amnesiac: ...
Amnesiac: someone called tonight
Amnesiac: international call he sounded British
Amnesiac: but he couldn`t hear me
Mother: Perhaps something to do with Essex University or your articles. [Bless her, she likes to think that the Pulitzer Prize committee are trying to track down her daughter]
Amnesiac: hmm
Mother: It's a mystery. Do you have the equivalent of 1471 in Egypt? Why did he not call again?
Amnesiac: he did, but I was in a concert so he wouldn't have been able to hear me anyway
Mother: Shame. Let's hope he rings again and proposes to you.
Amnesiac: ...
Mother: [Angry face emoticon]


Basil Epicurus said...

One of the guys I work with is on his second mail-order bride (first one was from Korea-she left him after eight months of marriage), this one, Katya, is from Russia.

I only bring it up in case your mother signs you up without your sounds like she's weighing her options at this point. It sounds far-fetched but that's what Katya said..

Scarr said...