Monday, March 12, 2007

Swings and roundabouts no.3

Good thing about riding in taxis: The driver bears a strong resemblance to Hany Salama, but is better-looking and is sans the mad stare.

Bad thing about riding in taxis: Taxi Hany’s taxi is in a lamentable state of disrepair, as indeed is Taxi Hany, and he checks no less then three times whether he should take el yemeen illi gay.


Basil Epicurus said...

Rode with a stoned cabdriver once (is there any other kind?) and he was very quiet, sort of lugubrious looking with droopy eyes and a perpetual slump. He brightened up, visibly, when he cut someone off and heard the perfunctory yell of 'Ya 7omar!' hurled in his direction.

He lets go of the wheel, sticks his head out the window, lets out a Adel-Adham type cackle and shouts:

"Toshkar ya Gaaaaamooooosa!"

Seneferu said...

helwa di. (@comment)