Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Golly, beards have computers too!

Read this article and the comments below. The author is apparently astonished that the MB is using the internet – maybe he thought that their beards dangle down on their keyboards and interfere with their typing. The comments were marvellous too, as I always like to start my day by reading the rantings of a bunch of rabid xenophobic nutters. Long live the global village!

Brotherhood of the blog
Westerners assume Middle Eastern bloggers are liberal. But the Muslim Brotherhood has just started blogging in force.

The recent wave of internet activism in Egypt has followed an increasingly familiar pattern. A series of blogs devoted to Egyptians arrested for their political beliefs has sprung up, linked together by a few highly trafficked hubs. Some of the the blogs focus on personal matters, describing the prisoners' families, lives and good works. Most feature embedded videos from the courtrooms and high resolution photos of grim security forces and passionate protestors. There are online petitions to sign, banners to exchange, and an attempt to forge broad ideological coalitions. But this is not the "Free Kareem" campaign that has captured international attention. Instead, the latest Egyptian bloggers and their subjects are from the Muslim Brotherhood, and the man whose freedom is being demanded is the second deputy chairman of the organization...

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Wael Eskandar said...

Al blog men al intarnet, wal intarnet bed3ah, wa kol bed3a dalalah, wa kol dalaten fel naar!!!