Friday, December 08, 2006

Splendid Arabic neologisms no.1

backub verb
To back up files on a computer.

-Lazem tebackubby el hard 3ala el combuter beta3ek ya Amnesiac.


Anonymous said...

a gym-goer who prefers muscle definition over bulk might say "la2, hat wazn khafeef, ana ba-dafnesh"

Scarr said...

:0) I like.

Forsoothsayer said...

there's so much actually! the drug culture alone. bakarwez.

Anonymous said...

... such as "alo... la2 matgeesh, el dj rawwa7 wel bolice geh fa hanroo7 n-aftar we n-dawwin 3and mido fil chalet, ta3alalna hnak..."

Eventuality said...

I think PC-related terms are the best neologisms.

-ya 3am lazem tesayyev (save) kol shewayya
- enta lessa masattabtesh (setup)el explorer el gedeed?
- ana hafarmat (format) bokra ba2a.
- enta ma paddeftesh el file da leih? (convert to pdf)
- ana hadallet(delete) el file da

Scarr said...

Gayyash: I like 'n-dawwin' very much, for some reason.

Everything: Yes Arabic neologisms are the gold nuggets in what is otherwise the stagnant stream of boring computer science.
God that sounded pompous, apologies, but you see what I mean.