Saturday, December 09, 2006


Things I wish I’d known then:

1. Instincts should be followed.
2. Preparation of Ma7shi koromb should not be attempted without supervision.
3. Nothing is worth worrying about too much.
4. Excessive sharing of problems is like breaking wind; you feel better for it but it makes those around you nauseous eventually.
5. Writing should be saved every 30 seconds in Word. And in comments windows.
6. Tartan and mittens is not a good look.


N said...

Happy birthday!

Scarr said...

Sankes :0)

Sand-E said...

The tartan n Mittens look is making a come back disguised as "retro chic"! As long as you're not sporting socks with sandals then you're good to go!
Hapy birrrrrzday to you cha cha cha.. Inzil ya gameel 3al sa7a...
ok enough of that.