Sunday, May 25, 2008

Harrying the marrying

Amnesiac is in a taxi with associates on the October Bridge on a balmy, breezy night.

The moustachioed, bawdy taxi driver slows down as he passes a wedding in order to inspect the couple who are standing against the bridge’s railing encircled by three girls on a moped, a video camera and pounding music.

Driver [on his horn, congratulationary, looking intently through passenger window]: Teeet teeet tet tet teeet


Driver: Aih dah! El 3aroosa wa7shah gedddddddan. [Blimey! The bride is reallyyyy ugly!]

Ya saaater! [Bloody hell!]

Laih yabny keda?!? [Why'd you do it son?]

Asta3’for Allah el 3azeem. [May God forgive me]

Pause. Driver exits bridge onto Corniche.

Driver: La2 bass kaanet wa7sha fe3lan. [She really was ugly]

El masal y2olak aih: ‘Ya wa7’ed el 2erd 3ala maalo, yero7 el maal we yefdal el 2erd 3ala 7aalo.’ [As the saying goes: choose the monkey cos of his wealth and the wealth will go and you'll be left with the monkey]

Ya3ni law heya keda ba3d el coiffeer ommal 2ablaha sheklaha kaan 3amel ezzay? [If she looks like this after the hairdressers what did she look like before?]

3andina el 7areem wa7shah bass mesh keda ya rabby. [Where I'm from women are ugly but by God not like that]


Anonymous said...

lol! That's quite a funny little monologue he had going there! Tho a bit cruel to the poor lady in question

Q said...

matezlemoosh el foola el mesawesa, tela2y el kayal me3afen!

Molly said...

anyone with a mustache is not allowed to comment.

Safiya Outlines said...

Molly - Hush your mouth! Moustaches are a fine manly accoutrement and the decline of of society can be directly linked to the decline in moustache wearing.

grey said...

lool that saying about the monkey is hilarious!!

Muhammad Aladdin said...

.. وايه تعمل الماشطة ف الوش العكر
(What would a brush do with a hideous face).. نسي دي هو