Friday, September 12, 2008

Bread & butter IV

Here I talk to Palestinian students of foreign universities stuck in Gaza cos of the Israeli siege.

This is my article on the effects of tourism on marine wildlife in Nasr City-On-Sea.

This is an article about EIPR winning a court case which freezes government plans to privatise health insurance.

This and this are articles about sit-ins by workers from subsidiary companies of the Suez Canal Authority.

Coverage of the Mahalla trial is here and here.

And this is an article about press coverage of the power cut in the El Matareyya Hospital.

Here's a link to a pop music video by a gentleman from Turkey called Tarkan. Mr Tarkan dances like an accountant called Steve at a Xmas office party before the consumption of alcohol has taken effect. The grey suit does not help in this regard. He nonetheless appears to think he is Justin Timberlake and is apparently one of the biggest grossing singers in Turkey, so what do I know.

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zoss said...

Tarkan is indeed the most popular Turkish pop artist of the past decade at least... in fact, one of his more popular songs echoed in at least one of Tokyo's clubs earlier tonight.

(apologies for commenting on the least serious of your bullets -- you deserve better readership!)