Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Videos of the fire. Guest appearance by: my finger


synesthesia said...

The images are heart breaking. Other than the loss of archives & documents, the building itself is irreplaceable.
It reminds me of Ahmad Ragab's Far El Sabtteya, it had a weird craving for electric wires, kind of pica, & was responsible for a similar wave of fires which ravaged the opera house, among others. It seems to have emerged from hibernation.

zeinab said...

What is truly terrifying is that our blessed state could not protect its most loyal patrons,a horrifying indication if what would happen if God forbid a fire or a similar disaster occured in a crowded slum where houses are made out of tin and wood. Rabena Yostor.More than corruption, I think-actually I'm quite certain- that this country is ravaged by incompetence. Corruption is tolerable. At least you can trace its networks and figure out its logic. Incompetence is a swarming chaos of sub-level mentalities functioning in an irrational structure of catastrophes waiting to happen.Yay!