Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bread & butter III

Here I become irate about the travesty which is Sex and the Shitty.

And here I present civil society reactions to the draft law on audio-visual transmission.

Yesterday I watched cuddly Moatez, presenter of 90 de2ee2a, become irate as he attempted to extract sense out of an unpleasant slithery government stooge about this bloody draft law. Arabic readers can access it here.

The government stooge was a professor of civil law at Cairo University. He was a smug, conceited sort whose heavy eyelids seemed constantly on the brink of sliding shut. Perhaps he stores The Truth in his eyes, and it’s that which is weighing down his eyelids. No truth came out of his mouth.

He would have us believe that this draft law is in the interests of the media and Egyptian society generally, despite the fact that its article 41 imposes a minimum one month prison sentence for anyone who divulges information about the Ministry of Truth National Authority for the Regulation of Audio-Visual transmission.

The law also leaves it to the National Authority itself to determine the criteria which will decide who is awarded broadcasting licences. The National Authority’s Board of Executives include five government representatives, one of whom is from the Interior Ministry.

But then this bloke did wear a red tie and a pinstripe suit and quote Quranic scripture and call himself doctor, so he must be well informed and sincere.

Lawyer Gamal Eid and Al Jazeera’s Hussein Abdel Ghany refuted his bullshit, eloquently and convincingly, and so he adopted a new tactic: interrupting them whenever they tried to speak, which I realised is a disease/tactic of politicians/government cronies everywhere.


NIDAAL PAL said...

This document is a restriction on freedom of opinion and expression
The task of downsizing as a sincere Media ,Besides To achieve personal interests of many beneficiaries of the project to pass the "document"
It was originally a political document rather than organizational, as they say And
a document to stop the advance of youth turnout and the practice of political life and guide public opinion through the Internet
If we go back to back
In 2007 when Rear Admiral "Ahmed dia el-din "
Assistant Interior Minister for Legal Affairs or"public", presented to him during the interrogation of the People's Assembly, said that the Internet and satellite channels and even Bluetooth Mobile, who needs all that the process of organizing
Now the document has emerged this year which proves it
The police document, or political not a organizational.
about me :

I am not against regulation in broadcasting
But I Muzzling exhibitions and any threat entire document
I am surprised when they want to regulate Internet
WOW .. ****
How??? & how??? & how???
Any Way
When we can organize open sea waves
Then we will be able to regulate the Internet


Anonymous said...

i agree with Nidaal, especially the last two lines - ya3ni, it shall not come to pass - therefore it is probably a red herring, or, as likely, an absurd point from which to bargain down to the compromise people will be happy with (as compared with a total blanket censorship of commentary).