Thursday, May 15, 2008

Panacea update

Here someone called Angus tells me off.


Forsoothsayer said...

he totally didn't get it. but clearly someone leaped to your i recognize those initials?

Amnesiac said...

He was an organiser as far as I can tell so to be expected.

WE attended the event too and was irked by Angus Lair's response to my article. Not sure he was leaping to my defence so much as exorcising 3'eez.

Molly said...

apparently he had a couch seat.

Will E. said...

The message did come through of course to all the VIPs in couch seats having their alcoholic beverages.. Like aristocrats from Oscar Wilde's time sipping on their drinks and remarking, "Oh, it's so fashionable these days to view the world as one, just get all those common folks rounded up somewhere so that we can enjoy the show."

forsooth, it makes no sense to defend a person in this case, it's the idea, the logic and the refute... I go around recognizing initials all day long, but it doesn't help much.

ramy said...

sarah, i need to ask: does irony surprise you anymore?
i am not saying i agree with angus' accusation that you are a complacent cynic. you did after all attend the event--but perhaps that's exactly being both complacent and cynical. i'm just not sure.
which is why i ask if it surprises you. i think it does.

Amnesiac said...

Ramy: I am a cynic but irony never stops surpising me. Especially here. It tends to smack you in the face.