Monday, May 19, 2008

Maye3gibhoosh el 3agab

Here is a photo for Fully P of a menu in a Zamalek restaurant which induced a feeling which was half vomit half laughing. I bet there's a word for it in the German language, which seems to categorise every feeling known to man. Something like sickhahaschlafen, to laugh while containing vomit.
Anyway this might put an end to his moaning about this blog becoming too miserable. Chances are slim, however, for he is a moany old woman.


Molly said...

I'm not sure which is more disturbing:

brain pane (?) or
Lamb testicles.

Anonymous said...

yummy just like hannibal lecter suggested thinly sliced brain over a bed of fava beans yummy.

fully_polynomial said...


aiwa keda! edeeni fel hayef wana a7ebbek ya fanannas*.

forelimbs? testicles? And these are just the mezzahs!

ok, i wont be moaning for a while.

fully_polynomial said...

* forgot the footnote, given that you were not here in the 80s you probably dont know where the hell does this come from. its a movie reference.

Forsoothsayer said...

hmm...i feel like my comments are being deleted...or are they not getting through?

Scarr said...

Not getting through.

Anonymous said...

*in response to footnote:

alas, return to the lower level where we will feast on lamb stew and delight in desert and peanuts.

chorus : comeback comeback comeback. [chorus repeats 3 times with backup vocalists]

'bahibak ya satamoonee mah ma nass lamoonee'

Anonymous said...

oops missed an 's' gives a totaly different meaning sorry.