Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yet again too disorganised to send anything on time

He was into birds from an early age

I heart my Dad: all round wowzers blazers bloke, word collector, guardian of punctuation, and list maker extraordinaire.
Happy birthday


Anonymous said...

OMG so cute....such a dutiful daughter...happy birthday and many more.

Anonymous said...

The few times Mr. C commented on this blog cracked me up. He should do so more often.

Happy Birthday!


Will E. said...

Happy Birthday, great pic actually..

a librarian said...

Thanks for the greeting and kind words, Kid. Where does 'wowzers blazers' come from? Is it Croydon-speak, or Wivenhoe slang, or what?

I've had enough of the pigeon now (and, I imagine, it of me) ... can you relieve us both with another entry?

Amnesiac said...

Wowzers blazers - term I had heard before but popularised by Hassan in Wivenhoe.

a librarian said...

Well I'm blowed! I only mentioned Wivenhoe in a vain attempt to needle you.