Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bread & butter II + omm-nipresence

Here I talk about the excellent Metro, Egypt's 1st graphic novel for adults, and its author Magdy el Shafee. Magdy very kindly gave me a lift back to civilisation from City Very Far Stars, but only after we had found his car, which he apparently frequently loses within the bowels of the megamall. Luckily, he found it quite quickly - unlike the last time, when he spent half an hour looking for it.

This is an article about a young man who went into the notorious Omraneyya police station and was dumped, unconscious, in the street two days later. He subsequently died of the injuries he sustained while inside the police station.

Here I eat delicious food while being watched by a psycho elephant.

Also, today I perused the spam on my Amnesiac.inanities gmail account while the matriarch was talking at to me, wearing a plastic shower cap in preparation for her ablutions.

FACT: she put on said appendage at 1 p.m. GMT + 2, and had her shower at 2.30 p.m. GMT + 2.

Now my mother is a wonderfully entertaining, lovely, human being but has the female tendency to go on and on and on about lost necklaces and washing machines while her interlocuteur is clearly engaged in something complex and involved like separating genuine emails from offers of penis extensions or large sums of cash from terminally ill minor dictators.

This aural assault compromised my mail scanning abilities and, as a result, I pressed 'empty spam' just as my eye caught a glimpse of 'Alia' (I think) and 'hi' and 'blog' and no mention of the word penis, and alas away it went into the cyber ether.

Inadvertendly deleting emails from people who have taken the time to write to me gives me a pain similar to that which was produced the time I dropped a mobile down a toilet in Luxor, so Alia (if indeed I read the name right) re-send, bitte schon.

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