Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bread and butter

Here I get back on my hobby horse and go on about half Egyptians, while here I destroy all chances of ever marrying Hany Adel.


fully_polynomial said...

Both articles are very good. I left a couple of comments there. Not for you to read really, but to cite the increasing number of comments your articles get next time you ask for a raise ;)

Anonymous said...

Loved the review of Wust el-Balad's album - sorry about your closing the door on that white picket fence and a yard full of bouncing baby Hany lookalikes.

My colleague and I met Daryl John Kennedy when we were shooting a short documentary about Eftekasat, whom Ambassador Kennedy has also polluted with his Kenny G-esque music sensibilities. He was a tool of Black & Decker proportions - the footage we shot of him speaking or rather spouting his blend of music philosophy and condescension inspires an odd sensation - a desire to all at once laugh/cry/vomit and possibly, to borrow one of your memorable images, boil one's head. If your new position as a star journalist gives you an in with a government, perhaps you can arrange to have him permanently banned from Egypt?

Unknown said...

Fully P: God bless you, both for the noble motivation behind your comment-leaving, and for pointing out that a comments function exists aslan of which I was unaware :-s

Our Man: LOL. Yes, Kenny G just about sums him up musically. As for getting him banned, perhaps we can persuade him to do a duet with Ayman Nour? Somewhere on Egypt's border with Gaza?

What about this short docu about Eftekasaat? Where is it viewable?