Monday, June 18, 2007

If Cavafy had a green book, it was for noting down his musings on Trojans

Amnesiac and her laptop are upstairs at Upstairs Auntie's place.
As Upstairs Auntie walks past she sees the picture of the great Alexandrian poet and bad spectacles-chooser Cavafy which crowns
the last post.

Upstairs auntie: [Squinting and frowning] Dah meen dah? [Who is that?]
Amnesiac: Cavafy.
Upstairs: Meen? Gaddafy?? [Who? Qaddafy?]
Amnesiac: ...
Upstairs: Sbelleeh keda [Spell it]
Amnesiac: C-A-V-A-F-Y
Upstairs: Cavafy...aaaahh [a lightbulb seems to light up]
Amnesiac: [Encouraged] Te3rafeeh? [Do you know him?]
Upstairs: La2. [No]


Basil Fawlty said...

That was 20 seconds of our lives neither one of us is ever getting back..

Amir said...

I can just picture exactly how that happened too! The anticipation and glint in your eyes and the waiting, her delivering the no nonchalant and very casual, and you on a downward spiral. Excellent!

Amnesiac said...

Basil: Welcome to my life.

Amir: Ta mate.

Seneferu said...

Damn, alifa rifaat taxi entertainment passed by pretty quickly:)

Amnesiac said...

Heh, yes it is a very slender collection of excellent short stories. I really enjoyed it.