Sunday, May 27, 2007

Speculation on foreign commodititi(e)s

Amnesiac is walking through a deserted Midan Fini on a Friday afternoon.

Man sitting on chair under tree to friend (bellowing):

"Eih dah ya Adel, masry wala mustawrad??" [Adel is that Egyptian or imported?]


Seneferu said...


Cairogal said...

LOL. What a shmuck!

Hano2a said...

r u so beautiful or as the arabic proverb says "kolo 3and el 3arab sabooon" :D

Amnesiac said...

Beauty or lack of has usually got nothing to do with comments made by men in the street, anywhere in the world. If you understood by this post that I am making any claims to be beautiful then you're a fool.

For English speaking readers Hano2a quoted a charming little saying which literally means 'it's all soap to the Bedouin' and which is used to mean 'it's all the same to those who know nothing.' He or she is therefore implying that:

1. I am not beautiful (well done Hano2a, correct. It would seem that you have understood something after all) and
2. that the men who made the comments are country bumpkin idiots who are so moronic that they would not be able to recognise beauty if it smacked them on the arse, and are therefore dazzled by even the ugly exotic foreigner.

Nothing like a bit of old fashioned elitism first thing in the morning.

Hano2a said...

"If you understood by this post that I am making any claims to be beautiful then you're a fool."

may be your conscious meant the aforementioned statement but your unconscious didn't !

where is the sense of humor anyway?!

Amnesiac said...

erm I don't have an unconscious, I am occasionaly unconscious. I theoretically have a subconscious though which is I think what you meant. Yes yes you might be right about my subconscious but given that it is sub my consciousness I logically have no way of knowing.

Yes indeed, where was my sense of humour - how could I have missed the stunning hilarity of all this! I assure you my subconcious sides are aching.

Forsoothsayer said...


fully_polynomial said...

this has to be one of your best titles yet.

(though one might argue that since your mom is egyptian, the commoditities are as well.)

Basil Fawlty said...

I''l take a crate of your soap, Amnesiac. And I'll be back every week for more.

I'm filthy..:)

Amnesiac said...

Fully P: Thanks :-) The nature of my commodities remains the subject of dispute and inner turmoil.

Basil: :-D