Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's acceptable if it doesn't actually resemble a cow

MSN conversation this afternoon:

Umm Nakad: Hi ya gameel

Amnesiac: Hi

Umm Nakad: Teegy tekly goulash bel la7m el mafroum? Ana 3amelt seneyya to7fa ya benty [Do you want to come over and eat Goulash with minced meat? I made a really great dish.]

Amnesiac: Ana mabakolshi la7ma [I don't eat meat.]

Umm Nakad: Ah bass deih la7ma mafrouma [Yeah but this is minced meat.]

Amnesiac: ??

Umm Nakad: Bardou? [Still?]


zoss said...

but I've minced it so well, it's practically a vegetable...

faisal said...


Gamda moat!